Always cheap, reliably and on time!
Pevich Consulting Limited  is the Polish-Belarussian company based in Bydgoszcz (Poland) was established to provide foreign companies and entrepreneurs with representation, agency, assistance and consulting  in Poland, Belarus and Ukraine.

Our  services  may be mostly useful for those foreign entrepreneurs and companies who:
# search for an export assistant who will be in charge of Polish,
       Belarussian and Ukrainian customers;

# need a representative or even a representative office in Poland,
       Belarus and Ukraine;

# feel difficulties in cooperating with Polish, Belarussian and Ukrainian
      clients or authorities because of language barrier, etc.

      Below you will find the list of our services:

1. Our  services  of a long-term assistance:
# Your Polish, Belarussian and Ukrainian customers service
       (administration and  assistance);
#  Help in your activity in Poland, Belarus and Ukraine (representation,
       assistance etc);
#  Secretarial services  (virtual assistance).

2. Our one-time  services:
# Help in certification of your products in Belarus;
# Organization of your participation in Polish, Belarussian and
       Ukrainian exhibitions;
# Assistance to your company at Polish, Belarussian amd Ukrainian
# Organization of your products advertising in Polish, Belarussian and
       Ukrainian prints and internet;
# Organization of your products promotion (presentations,
       conferences etc.) in Poland, Belarus and Ukraine;
# Other.

The general terms of the  services  providing:
1. Costs for the long-term services are calculated individually for each
2. Costs for the one-time services are fixed. 

Due to the fact our company is a SME one, we prefer working with limited quantity of partners what permits us to guarantee them total confidentiality and individual approach answering to concrete needs of each company

                          We are looking forward
to do business with you!   
Będzie nam bardzo miło!
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A foreign partner
wanted for his representation or agency
in Poland, Belarus and Ukraine
Always cheap, reliably and on time!
Always cheap, reliably and on time!
not only for businessmen
Setting up a company in Poland  to get a Schengen visa with
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